Monday, August 20, 2007

What do I put first before my Saviour?

In April this year, I read a book called "I dared to call Him Father" a testimony of a muslim woman who heard the voice of the LORD and gave up everything to follow Him.
Daily she heard His voice, and sensed His Presence with her ALL the time.

There were a few moments where He withdrew His Presence and she would almost go into a flat panic, desperate for His Presence and the sense of knowing He is near...

Oh, how I longed for a relationship like that with HIM! I've been a Christian for about 16 years, and hardly ever could I say I sensed His presence or heard His voice.
Whenever I've brought up the subject of longing for more of Him and hungering for His presence, others like me would quickly use the scripture of Jesus talking to Thomas when he needed to see Jesus for himself:
John 20:29 Jesus said to him, "Thomas, because you have seen Me,
you have believed. Blessed [are] those who have not
seen and [yet] have believed."

So I would put those hunger feelings aside and try to press on while not knowing His voice or not knowing HIM at ALL. But at last my eyes have been opened to the TRUTH! He does EXPECT me to know His voice!
John 10:27 "My sheep hear My voice, and I know them,
and they follow Me.

But I knew I had tons of worldly stuff to deal with. We can't hear His voice, if we are distracted by tv & movie addictions, and food addictions, and and and....

Well, the first thing to go was the t.v.(!) Oh we thought we had it under control, and were selective with what we watched... well, just try going for 1 full week with not putting that telly on!
I was just coming out of a 2 day food fast and decided to watch Idols (the only program I "allowed" myself to watch!) and after a few minutes I felt a heavy conviction of the Holy Spirit that this was NOT ok.
My Abba Father is grieved at how we've been elevating people and placing them on the center stage. The audience & fans go banana's and scream & lift their hands in adoration when their idol comes on stage. And that includs the judges, they are highly esteemed celeb's that have been idolized just as much. For the first time I actually sensed or felt the grief of the Holy Spirit and it was not comfortable. And it wasn't difficult to switch it off... fast!!

But this is getting longer than I thought, so much has happened since that happened about 5 months ago!

To be continued.....

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