Monday, April 11, 2011

The Ultimate Gift to the Father

Spending time with the Father, being still. That was me on Saturday night, late, while the house was dark and quiet. My most precious times with Him.

I'm asking Him again, Lord what can I give You, I love You so much. What do I have that I can give to You? Is there anything of value? A picture, a flower, a work of art? The last few drops of my expensive perfume?
My talent, my family, everything I own?
These are all precious and valuable to me, and yes I've surrendered these to Him many a time, but here's the catch; He is the creator of ALL and He is the One who gave all this to me. So although I can surrender these back to Him, I can't really call it a gift can I?

In my spirit, I feel a compelling word: TRUST. Do you Trust,  Jenni? Do you really trust your Heavenly Father?
Would you fall back into His arms and TRUST that He would catch you? Now this is a gift that I know pleases the Father.
To dance in abandonment to the God of all. When you lift your arms in worship and surrender to the invisible Father, TRUSTING that He is who He says He is. The ultimate Gift. Yes, to pour out the last few drops of my expensive perfume, yes, to create a work of art for Him is a beautiful gift, because it's actually the ACT that He sees, the act of FAITH that He is our all. He is our Daddy who loves us.

Thats when I moved on to His Love.
I'm not perfect.
I catch myself judging or carrying offense.
Why am I so quick to judge when Jesus never judges us?
But does He love us less when we judge one another?
Yes, the Holy Spirit brings a gentle conviction, a conviction that shows how when we judge or hold offence, it draws us away from our Father. No! Please don't let me out of His presence! Father forgive me, I'm so sorry! Please give me the heart of Jesus that judges no one. Lord, I repent. I love You.
And yes, He still loves us exactly the same. His love does not drop in a level while we miss it and go off the path. His Love is so incredible, so perfect. All the Father sees is Jesus in us, His Word. He is in us and we are in Him.

I love You Daddy