Sunday, December 18, 2011

Dragonflies and Weaver Birds

Dragonflies hovering like helicopters
Daddy Weavers feeding their little ones
Too small to leave their nests yet..
Where is the Mommy Weaver?

Look Mommy, there's a half-moon!
As I look, I see an aeroplane
Fly past the half-moon,
Where are they flying to?

Blue Skies, blue pool, stillness..
Only the sound of the pool vacuum cleaner
Going around and around:
Work, Work, Work Mr. Creepy.

Daddy weaver sits near his tree
Looking at me and in his loudest
Voice says: "You're sitting too close
to my Babes! Please go away!!"

But I don't move, I dare him
to continue to feed his family,
To know I won't hurt them,
Or go anywhere near.

And he takes up my challenge,
is there an Angel he hears?!

This is a beautiful day!!